About Us

The basic principle in Mediterranean culture and one which is of most importance to us in our work is to make people happy through food.
We take this mission very seriously and professionally, all the while not forgetting to enjoy the process and creation.
Our cuisine is like us: full of passion and at the same time harmonious; innovative but simple; colorful and surprising and yet close to the sources and the raw material, but above all - simply seasonal, fresh, high-quality food.

We like to be different and original but we also know how to adapt ourselves to your needs and desires. Together we will understand your interests and needs, and the style and atmosphere you wish to achieve. We offer tailor made events, from an intimate family meal to festive business or large-scale private events.

Balladi is a face-to-face meeting with modern Israeli culture, in which there is room for everyone.

Our Team

The people behind our food are the ones nurturing its special energy. As cooks, we focus our efforts on the search for culinary roots, colours, flavours, and aromas around the Mediterranean and bring all to you in a contemporary way, while respecting the history of the kitchens where they originated.
Some will call us crazy, but we just love our job!

Our chef
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Or, 29, was born and raised in Israel. She spent most of her childhood with her grandmothers who taught her recipes, transferring flavours and stories from their past in North Africa.
After 5 years of service in the Israeli army, she lived in both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem where she encountered a variety of kitchens that are the building blocks of the contemporary Israeli cuisine.

At the age of 25, Or followed her heart and moved to Paris.  She was then the chef at "Miznon" (marais, Canal St. Martin) and the sous chef at "Shouk".

"Food is in every significant memory of my life and I have a specific taste connected to every moment. I want to give people an experience of tastes that they will keep in their hearts connected to the moments they celebrated with their loved ones. Food is the way I communicate and the way I show my love".




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